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special events

Join us for special events to see how we challenge what is possible in public education.

Junior Olympics

Bullis Charter School (BCS) has hosted this exciting bi-annual event with other local charter schools for the past decade.

More info on this event is found on this page.

Plays & Musicals

The Performing Arts Program showcases BCS students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade several times each semester.

More production info, including upcoming productions, is found here.

BCS Code-a-Thon

The BCS Middle School Code-a-Thon is an opportunity for students with all levels of coding expertise to spend the day exploring technology and coding with their classmates and peers. Students participate in a series of activities focused on coding and learning, and the day culminates in students showcasing their projects.

Bullis Boosters Club Events

The Bullis Boosters Club (BBC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Bullis Charter School (BCS) students, staff, and families with a variety of school and community events to unify the BCS school community.

See pictures and a list of some of these here.

Choral Concerts

The BCS Choral Program is over 200 students strong with six different ensembles that perform in various concerts, festivals, and adjudications throughout the year including singing at the Los Altos Tree Lighting and the LASD Choral Festival alongside students from Egan, Blach, Covington, and Springer schools. Additionally, middle school choral students put together an entertaining Pops Concert in the spring and all choirs perform the Winter & Spring Concerts held at the First United Methodist Church in Palo Alto.

Choral accolades (and more) found here.


BCS grades 6-8 students are tasked with researching and creating an idea that would positively impact our community by leveraging IoT technology. “Innovate Together”, a unique collaboration between Cisco Education and BCS, is aimed at teaching students how to identify a problem, how to complete research to validate it, and how to brainstorm solutions and effectively communicate a solution in a pitch format. This year’s winning student group created a proposal for “The Sellery”, which would distribute fresh salads through vending machines.

Read more about the initiative here.

Active Learning

From teaching families to engage with math together at our Family Math Nights to showing students what S.T.E.A.M. looks like “in action” at our S.T.E.A.M. Day, BCS provides these unique learning opportunities in an effort to support the life-long love of learning for both parents and students alike.

Find out more about these activities here.

Spelling Bee

BCS participates in the Scripps National Spelling Bee by hosting a yearly bee for students in grades 3-8. Students elect to participate in a school bee that allows them to advance to regional and national competitions. At the most recent school bee, held in January 2017, BCS saw students participating in an oral bee lasting in excess of 23 rounds. 6th grader Amelia Salamacha was the winner, for the second year in a row, and ended up advancing to the KPIX Bay Area Spelling Bee held in March 2017.

Bullis Charter School (BCS) is a free public charter school authorized by the Santa Clara County Board of Education (SCCBOE) and subject to the fiscal and programmatic oversight of the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE).