Why We're Unique

personalized learning

BCS inspires students to reach beyond
themselves to achieve their full potential.

At BCS we know that learning is personal, and we believe that education should be too. BCS is committed to meeting students where they are, academically, socially, developmentally, and challenging and supporting their positive growth through innovative educational opportunities. The BCS model was designed to meet the needs of students across a spectrum of learning styles and help every child reach his or her full potential.

Focused Learning Goals

Every student has Focused Learning Goals (FLGs) based on his or her unique needs, with goals ranging from academic achievements to developing social and organizational skills.

In addition, students who may need additional support have access to the Student Success Team (SST) process and can put in place a 504 Plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP) for students who qualify.  Below is a description of these more specialized services. For English Learners, BCS provides targeted instruction and all teachers on staff are CLAD- certified to meet the needs of students whose first language is not English.


The Student Success Team is a school-wide early identification and early intervention process. Working as a team, the student, parent, teachers and school administrators identify the student’s strengths, assets and areas that need special attention so that an appropriate improvement plan can be designed and followed throughout the school year.

A 504 Plan

BCS provides qualifying students who have disabilities with appropriate educational services designed to meet their individual needs to the same extent that it meets the needs of other students.  The 504 plan sets forth the roadmap for meeting those needs.  The plan may call for education in regular classrooms, education in regular classes with supplementary services, and/or special education or related services.


BCS provides a “free appropriate public education” (FAPE) to eligible children with disabilities. A free appropriate public education means that special education and related services are to be provided as described in an Individualized Education Program (an IEP).

The process of developing an IEP creates an opportunity for teachers, parents, school administrators, related services personnel and students (when appropriate) to work together to improve educational results for children with disabilities based on the child’s unique needs. The IEP guides the delivery of special education support and service for the student with a disability.

English Language Learners

The goal of our English Learner (EL) Program is to facilitate English language acquisition that will allow our EL students to compare academically with their English-only peers, to have access to the core curriculum and all other programs, and to maintain their self-esteem and cultural identity. This is accomplished through specialized instruction in English in a safe, contextually rich small group setting either within the class or as a pull-out. Techniques used include the natural approach, total physical response, and action sequence stories. Technology may also be used to assist fluency and vocabulary development.

The Whole Child Project-Based Learning Design Thinking S.T.E.A.M. Focus Future Ready Personalized Learning

Bullis Charter School (BCS) is a free public charter school authorized by the Santa Clara County Board of Education (SCCBOE) and subject to the fiscal and programmatic oversight of the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE).