Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools are participating this year?

The schools for 2018 are:

Bullis Charter School

Charter School of Morgan Hill

Rocketship Mateo Sheedy

Spark Charter School

Voices College-Bound Language Academy

Voices Academy Morgan Hill

Voices Academy Mount Pleasant

What time does the Junior Olympics start?

The day will begin at 8:00 AM with the 1600m and 800m races.

Opening ceremonies, which include the procession of each school’s children and staff members with their specially decorated banners, a performance of the National Anthem, a torch relay, and a recitation of the Olympic Oath, begin at 9 AM. We encourage all students and staff, whether they are competing/participating or not, to walk with their schools. Students and staff will be asked to start lining up at 8:45 AM by your school’s banner at the entrance to the stadium near parking lot 1.

Parents and families should go to the stands to watch opening ceremonies after the school procession. Except for singers, and rhythmic gymnasts students will be brought back to their school’s stands.

Track and field events are scheduled to begin at 10 AM. (The event schedule is available on our Participant Info page and will also be available in the program on event day.)

The last event is scheduled to finish by 4 PM; however, all times are approximate and it is likely that the event will run late.

Parents: The opening ceremonies are a wonderful show of Olympic spirit. Please be seated by 9:00 AM in your designated area and cheer for your school!

What should my child wear?

Students and staff* should wear their spirit wear and/or school colors. This year they have been designated as:

Bullis Charter School: 2018 “spirit wear” t-shirt (additional t-shirts can be ordered from the BBC website)

Charter School of Morgan Hill: Maroon

Rocketship Mateo Sheedy: Purple/Hunter Green

Spark Charter School: Green

Voices College-Bound Language Academy: Purple/Lime Green

Voices Academy Mount Pleasant: Purple/Lime Green

Voices Academy Morgan Hill: Purple/Lime Green

* Please note staff members who are working the event will also be given a volunteer shirt to wear for the day. Please wear school colors for opening ceremonies, if possible.

“Friendship bracelet” exchange: Each student will be given a number of plastic bracelets in a color designated by their school to exchange with students from other schools. Please encourage your children to make new friends and introduce themselves to kids they don’t know!

What time is my child/ren’s event?

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (NOTE: Times are approximate and subject to change; be prepared to be flexible!) – See full schedule along with event guidelines/rules here.

1. 8:00 am – 1600m and 800m track events (on track)

2. 9:00 am – Opening Ceremonies

3. Schools enter in alphabetical order; settle in stands

4. National Anthem (singers from BCS choir)

5. Outstanding Citizens Torch Pass

6. Raising of the Banners

7. Olympic Oath

8. Rhythmic Gymnastics — BCS, Charter School of Morgan Hill, Voices College-Bound Language Academy, Morgan Hill & Mount Pleasant

9. Medals for Singers, Rhythmic Gymnasts and Outstanding Citizens

10. Events continue:

Track Events (On Track)
EVENT #3 50 Meter Race Kindergarten 10:00 am
EVENT #4 100 Meter Race Grades 1-8 10:15 am
EVENT #5 400 Meter Race Grades 3-8 11:15 am
EVENT #6 4X100 Meter Relay Grades 1-8 1:00 pm
EVENT #7 Staff 4X100 Relay Staff 3:30 pm

Field Events (For location see maps here: Morning Events | Afternoon Events )
EVENT #8 Javelin Grades 6-8 10:00 am
EVENT #9 Egg & Spoon Grades K-2 10:15 am
EVENT #10 Broad Jump Grades 1-8 12:00 pm
EVENT #11 Soccer Kick Grades K-2 12:00 pm
EVENT #12 Football Kick Grades 3-5 12:00 pm
EVENT #13 Basketball Shot Grade 2 10:00 am
Grades K-1 11:30 am
EVENT #14 Shot Put Grades 6-8 1:00 pm
EVENT #15 Bean Bag Toss Grades K-2 1:00 pm

11. School Spotlight Award : This trophy goes to the school that has shown the most sports-person-ship and has upheld the Olympic Creed to its highest level (Final “event” and medal of the day, following staff relay race and medals)

My child appears to have multiple events at the same time. How do they know where to go & when?

Track events take precedence over field events. We will have announcements for the beginning of each track event, and during field events. For example, if your child is signed up for a track event and another event that both start at 10:30AM he/she should report to the track first and then go back for the other event. We will have volunteers to help children find their way to and from events and stands.

When will medals be given out?

These will be handed out right after each heat is done and winners are recorded. All children will be photographed during events and while getting their medals. All photos will be uploaded to a website where pictures can be downloaded without having to purchase them. Parents are NOT allowed on the field or the tracks due to safety. This includes taking pictures while the events are taking place on the tracks or field.

All winners will get medals (gold, silver, bronze) and all participants will get a ribbon (that can be hung up).

All rhythmic gymnasts and singers will get a special medal. The “outstanding citizens” torch bearers will also get a medal.

A trophy will also be awarded to the school which has shown “best citizenship” overall – parents, students, volunteers, staff.

Where/How does my child go in between their events?

They go back to the stands where the families are sitting. Stands will be divided into areas for each school, so parents will be easier to find. K-2 students will be ushered to and from their events. An event announcer will also come to the stands to alert the students of the next called event.

How do I recognize the official volunteers?

All volunteers who have signed up with their school will be wearing an official blue volunteer t-shirt which has the 2018 Junior Olympics logo on it. The back of the t-shirt also says “Volunteer.” Any student can approach any of these official volunteers for questions, directions, assistance, etc.

BCS volunteers: You can get your t-shirt at school on Thursday, May 31st at drop off between 8:15am – 8:45am or at pick-up between 3:00pm – 3:45pm. You can also pick up your t-shirt when you check in at the Information Booth B for your volunteer shift.

Volunteers from other schools: You will be provided with your volunteer t-shirts along with your welcome packet when you check in at the Information Booth B on the day of the event.

I am sitting in the stands. How do I get pictures of my children?

Parents are NOT allowed on the field or the tracks due to safety. All children will be photographed and all photos will be uploaded to a website where pictures can be downloaded without having to purchase them.

There is a special podium for photo opportunities where you can take pictures of your child. It is located at the main entrance to the stadium near the restrooms  – see stadium overview map here.

Will there be food & drinks available for purchase?

There will be free water available to all student participants and volunteers while they are on the track and field. Students should leave their water bottles in the stands when they go to participate in events. Concessions will also be for sale throughout the event.

There are no other options for purchasing food or beverages within walking distance to the site, so be sure to bring your own food, water, snacks, etc. if you do not plan to purchase your food and beverages.

What are the seating arrangements?

Families should set up areas to sit in the stands to watch the opening ceremonies and track and field events. The stands do not have shade structures, so please bring hats, sunscreen and water. If you bring your own shade structures/tents/umbrellas/etc. for the stands, they must be set up in Stand B (closest to restrooms and main entrance). Please label all of your belongings with your family name and school name. IMPORTANT NOTE: Shade structures will NOT be allowed in Stand A.

Stand A will be divided into areas for each school – see stadium overview map here.

Where do I park?

BCS has purchased all parking spaces in these 3 lots: lot 1, lot 1H, and lot 8 (see map). You do not need to buy a parking permit if you park in these lots. In case you park elsewhere, be sure to buy the $3 parking permit to avoid being fined. As there are other events on campus, parking may be limited so we encourage you to come as early as you can and carpool if possible.

Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are located near the entrance to the stadium next to parking lot 1. Please make sure that your children do not go to the restroom alone. Always accompany your child, or have them go with a companion.

How do I sign up for a volunteer shift?

Thank you for giving your time to help make this event a success! To sign up for a shift, please contact your school’s office. If you are a Bullis Charter School parent, please signup to volunteer at this link.

Please be sure you know which event or area you are volunteering for; you must (1) check in at Information Booth B and (2) wear the volunteer shirt you will be given when you check in (you may wish to change into this as your shift starts or you may be asked for help even when you are not officially “on duty”). Please enter only the area/s in which you are volunteering and only when you are working.

Bullis Charter School: Information Booths, First Aid, Medals, Set-Up, Equipment, Photography, Water Stations, Clean-Up, Field Events
Charter School of Morgan Hill: All track events (50m, 100m, 400m, 4X100m, 800m, 1600m, teacher 4×100)
Voices College-Bound Language Academies: Morning set-up
Rocketship Mateo Sheedy: Clean-up
Spark Charter School: Morning set-up

Why isn’t my child participating in an event?

Each school is allowed just a certain number of participants for each competitive event. Unfortunately, this means not all students will be able to participate, although much effort will be made to include as many students as possible. Please keep in mind there are other ways to participate in the Junior Olympics outside of the competitive events, such as walking around the track during Opening Ceremonies, performing the rhythmic gymnastics routine, cheering for your friends, and making new friends from other schools.

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