Enrollment Questions

  • Who can apply to attend Bullis Charter School (BCS)? 

    Any child residing in the state of California can register to attend Bullis Charter School. There is no registration fee.

    For your convenience, you can get more information about the enrollment process on our Enrollment page
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  • Does submitting a registration form guarantee my child a spot at BCS?

    No. If there are too many registrations for a specific grade level, then enrollment is determined by lottery.
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  • How does the enrollment process work? 

    California Education Code and our charter with the Santa Clara County Office of Education govern the enrollment procedures. Bullis Charter School accepts registrations for any student residing in California. If the number of students who wish to attend exceeds the school's capacity, then enrollment is determined by a public random drawing.

    If a random drawing is necessary, SCCOE authorized enrollment preferences are applied based on the following hierarchy within each grade level:

    1. Siblings of current Bullis Charter School students who reside within the boundaries of the Los Altos School District;
    2. Up to 50% of the remaining spots in each grade to the students who reside within the boundaries of the Former Bullis- Purissima attendance area as defined by the Los Altos School District in 2003;
    3. Students residing within the boundaries of the Los Altos School District;
    4. Siblings of current Bullis Charter School students who reside outside the boundaries of the Los Altos School District;
    5. All other students.
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    When do I need to submit my child's health history/proof of immunizations?

    The Student Health History is not required at registration, however it will be required before a child is allowed to attend school. The physical exam must be done no earlier than 18 months before entering 1st grade (for example, if you have an incoming kindergartener, you would schedule your exam for mid-February or later).
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  • When will the lottery occur?

    If a lottery is required, it is typically held a few weeks after Open Enrollment closes. Families who have submitted registration forms will be notified by mail of the date and time.
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  • I want my child to finish his/her current school year without any distractions. Will my child’s name be kept confidential?

    Yes. We will not release the name of your child without your consent. However, we may need to share the number of students planning to come to BCS from other public schools to allow the Los Altos School District to plan for their classes.
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  • If I enroll my child at BCS, can I change my mind?

    Yes. Filling out and returning an acceptance packet does not commit you to a decision. If for any reason your plans change and you no longer desire to enroll your child, we would appreciate notification as soon as possible so that we can offer your child's place to another student.
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  • What is the cutoff date for Kindergarten?

    To be eligible for Kindergarten for the 2015-2016 school year, your child's 5th birthdate must be no later than September 1, 2015 
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  • What is the age requirement for Transitional Kindergarten?  

    Your child must turn 5 years of age between September 2, 2015 and December 2, 2015 to be eligible for our Transitional Kindergarten program for the 2015-16    school year. 
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  • How does the Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program work at BCS?

    If your child qualifies for Transitional Kindergarten at BCS, his/her registration will be placed and drawn with the Kindergarten registrations during the lottery for enrollment. The TK students will be placed in Kindergarten classrooms as appropriate, but they will follow a modified curriculum that will be supported by his/her Focused Learning Goals. 
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